Bespak's innovative range of injection devices

Syrina is our new range of innovative injection devices that utilise Bespak's proven VapourSoft technology, a compact and flexible energy source. A truly versatile platform technology that ranges from simple assisted syringes to fully functioning autoinjectors. The range offers a real solution for large volumes and viscous drugs.

Assisted syringes

Syrina Micro, Syrina Mini

  • Automatic drug delivery at the press of a button
  • Needle can be seen for precise control of injection site
  • User controlled needle insertion and removal
  • Syrina Mini has passive needle safety


Syrina S, Syrina AS, Syrina AR
  • Automatic drug delivery with passive needle safety system
  • Hidden needle on all models, never seen by patient
  • Range of functions up to and including automatic needle insertion and removal on Syrina AR

The Syrina advantage

  • Complete flexibility
    • The same physical device is easily configured to handle different viscosities, formulations, needle gauges, drugs and delivery volumes
  • All devices in the range can be set up to provide the same delivery profile allowing
    • the use of a simpler device during clinical trial and migration to a full auto-injector once requirements are known
    • different devices to be easily configured to better satisfy the needs of different patient groups and patient preferences
  • No impacts that damage syringes or create an unpleasant user experience

The VapourSoft advantage

  • A novel container of liquefied gas that when released provides sufficient energy in the form of a pressurised vapour to power drug delivery and ancillary functions
  • Based on proven valve technology over 1 billion produced
  • Damped nature of delivery mechanism prevents impacts, ideal for glass primary containers; minimal glass breakage
  • A complete spectrum of performances available; simply alter the propellant within a single container format to tailor the performance
  • Space efficient energy source enables design of compact devices

The combination of Syrina and VapourSoft provides ultimate flexibility

  • For the first time, changes in delivery volume and viscosity can be accepted with no physical changes to the device or delay in the program
  • High viscosities and high delivery volumes can be handled with ease - 2ml of 200 cPs formulation can be delivered within 10 seconds without a problem
  • Different primary containers can be handled without any performance penalty
  • Containers with a wider diameter offer no additional challenges; 1ml standard, 1ml long and 2.25ml syringes can be used without any decrease in performance
  • Nature of drive mechanism ensures that the primary container is completely emptied Consistent delivery performance across the Syrina range
  • Syrina options available now for use in clinical trials


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